The Railsbank team believes that technology plays a major role in making financial services inclusive so that we can all enjoy a better world.

However the reality is that global banking has never been properly executed.  This is due to the complexities of legacy technology, managing global compliance and ancient bank processes which create a slow, complex and costly experience for customers - And yet we live in an increasingly digital world!

Our mission is therefore simple: to deliver a seamless product to companies through a technology platform that moves past the legacy issues.  And we do that by bringing together banks and businesses to transact digitally and in a fully compliant way.

The founders are extremely well known in the FinTech world and have known each other since 13 years old!

Based in London, Nigel Verdon and Clive Mitchell have been in the finTech industry since the 1990s when the capital markets industry went through the digital transformation that banking is going through today.


Along the way Nigel has founded two highly successful FinTech companies, Evolution and Currency Cloud, and Clive has been an award winning CIO and founder of Morse Transaction Services.


Team Railsbank

The Board

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CEO SingLife
Walter de Oude 

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Partner, CreditEase
Anju Patwardhan

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Founder, Firestartr
Chipper Boulas

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Partner, Moneta VC
Meirav Harnoy

The Founders

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Nigel Verdon

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Chief of Staff
Clive Mitchell

The Leadership Team

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Peter Buckney

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Sales Director
Louisa Murray

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Global Head Marketing

David Rhoades

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Operations Director
Nick Charteris

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Head of People

Claire Green