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Making finance an amazing experience everywhere.

ans so is consumer behaviour

Consumers are demanding more – not only from the products they buy, but also from the way they interact with the brands they love.

It’s a huge opportunity, and it’s time for switched-on brands to respond whether you are a finTech, a sports club, a music venue, a retailer or any company.

We believe embedded finance experiences are a key strategic element within immersive consumer experiences that delivers daily engagement, revenue opportunity and highly insightful behavioural data.

This is the future of finance, and it's happening now.

Embedded Finance Experiences are here today.

You’ve probably already had an embedded finance experience, but possibly without even realising. Think about how Uber works; you hail a cab, take your trip and rate your driver. The payment has happened effortlessly, with an experience so seamless that most of us don’t even think of it as a financial product.

Or take Starbucks. You use their app to book your coffee in advance, then skip the queues to collect it. The payment happens seamlessly through your linked Starbucks card. It’s a better experience for consumers, which makes them want to keep coming back. And of course, increased loyalty means bigger revenues.


Habits have profoundly changed

The world’s biggest brands – the likes of Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, Deliveroo – have profoundly changed our habits as consumers.

We now expect more choice, speed and relevance from every online engagement. Disrupting traditional value chains and brand interactions, these companies have dominated a whole host of markets by building incredible consumer experiences that people love.


Go beyond transactions

At Railsbank, we’re rethinking how brands, products and service providers can go beyond financial transactions, and towards delivering the digital customer experiences their customers expect.


Through our global Embedded Financial Experience Platform, we partner with you to co-create new business models, more relevant experiences, and more rewarding relationships.

Explore limitless possibilities.

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Let’s create experiences your customers will love

Together we’ll redefine how your customers experience your brand. We’ll take you on a shared journey of innovation and co-creation, working closely with you to understand the consumer experience you want to deliver. With a wealth of experience of working at brands such as Uber Money, Wise (formally Transferwise), John Lewis Partnership, Google, and Pepsi, we know how to bring your vision perfectly to life. We’ll do the hard work and deal with the complexity, while you stay firmly in control.


Take control with unique experiences that drive loyalty and trust

It all begins with your imagination

What are the dream experiences you'd like to replicate? Imagine you could be the next Spotify/Uber/Starbucks for enhancing the customer experience in the same way whilst increasing footfall, revenue, customer loyalty and better customer data and lifetime value.


A smarter process. From prototype to launch, test and iteration

We’ll make everything simple, swift and cost-effective. Our highly trusted global operations and license platform processes billions of dollars annually. It runs your embedded financial services for you, enabling you to insert them into your customer journey and apps – all with a simple drag and drop.


Our unique user interface layer sits on top of our Railsbank open finance Operating System (ROS). OpenRailz APIs enable you to embed your own financial products directly into our Railsbank platform. What’s more, our system lets you do it for a fraction of the cost and time it would take with a traditional financial organisation.