PayrNet FAQ

What Is the Relationship with Railsbank?

PayrNet is a wholly owned subsidiary of Railsbank that holds the regulated financial services licenses and payment scheme memberships for Railsbank.  Customers contract with PayrNet for regulated services and with Railsbank for technology services.


As an Open Banking Third Party Provider (TPP) How do I Access PayrNet Accounts?

If you are a Third Party Provider (TPP) wishing to register for Open Banking access, to either PayrNet Ltd. (UK) or PayrNet UAB (Lithuania), please visit this link for setting up access.

What Regulatory Licenses does PayrNet Hold?

PayrNet holds the following regulatory licenses.

- eMoney Institution (EMI) license 900594 in the UK

- eMoney Institution (EMI) license LB001994 in Lithuania

- Stored Value Facility (SVF) in Singapore

What Payment Scheme Memberships does PayrNet Hold?

- Visa Principal Issuing license for UK & Europe

- Visa Associate License (Singapore)

- Mastercard Principal Issuing license for UK & Europe

- Direct Participant of UK Faster Payments

- Direct Participant of BACs

- Indirect Member of SEPA

- SUPE grade member of SWIFT

What are the PayrNet Legal Entities and Other Registrations?

PayrNet UAB (305264430) is registered in Lithuania

PayrNet Pte. Ltd. (201913150C) is Registered in Singapore

PayrNet Limited (09883437) is Registered in England & Wales

PayrNet Limited is registered under the UK Data Protection Act (ZA162716)

Where do I find your Policies? 

- Privacy Policy

- Cookie Use Policy

- Candidate Privacy Policy


How do I Make a Complaint?

If you wish to raise a complaint with any of PayrNet's legal entities, please send an email to no later than within 3 months from the day on which you became aware of, or should have become aware of, the infringement of your rights or legitimate interests.


Besides personal/contact information, you should specify the circumstances of the dispute and attach supporting documents on the basis of which you are making a complaint. Once we have received your complaint we will acknowledge this via email. 


The complaint will be investigated within 15 (fifteen) working days. If, in an exceptional case, the complaint cannot be dealt with in time, PayrNet will inform you. In all cases, the processing of the complaint should not exceed 35 working days. The applicant will be informed in writing about the PayrNet decision.


If the PayrNet decision does not satisfy you, or you did not receive any reply within 15 working days, you have the right to escalate to the following:


  • If concerning a regulated activity of PayrNet UAB in Lithuania, please contact the Bank of Lithuania. For further details please click here.

  • If concerning a regulated activity of PayrNet Ltd. in UK, please contact the Financial Ombudsman Service. For further details please click here.

How do I Report, or Request Help with, a Fraud?

If you need to report a fraud to PayrNet, please send an email to

How do I Contact PayrNet?

Please send an email to or by post to the London (for UK and in general), Singapore (for SE Asia) or Vilnius (for Europe) office - the addresses are here.