Prototype, build and scale any financial use-case using our unique open finance platform and super simple APIs.


We set out to make financial services accessible to everyone by giving "access to global banking with 5 lines of code".

Nigel & Clive

Founders, Railsbank

Announcing Houston and OpenRailz API

Making embedding finance into apps and customer journeys as simple as drag and drop.

One platform to access a complete set of global financial capabilities.

One platform

A super simple API for developers to embed global financial services directly into your app or customer journey.

A global operations and license platform that processes billions of dollars annually to run your embedded financial services for you.

Or if you have your own licenses and financial operations capabilities, these can be plugged in and you can use ours to scale to new geographies.

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as a Service

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as a Service

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as a Service

Simple APIs to build and integrate any financial use-case into your own customer experience.

Any financial use-case

Real examples of use-cases

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You concentrate on product design, marketing and engaging customers, we do all the rest. Learn more.

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Wage advancing

Integrate wage advancing  seamlessly into the payroll processes. 

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Create real or virtual debit cards and load instantly to make disbursements locally or internationally.

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Instantly create single use virtual debit cards to manage SaaS and other subscriptions like Netflix.

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Spend anything

Store any fungible asset (e.g. reward points, gold, telco minutes) and spend instantly with a card or bank transfer.

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Automate receivables

Instantly issue a bank account (or IBAN) per customer or borrower to automate receivables processing.


Register in under 30 seconds and build a real money prototype in under 2 hours.

Tools to start now


Register on Railsbank and log on to Railsbank app. This will take you less than 30 seconds.


Have a look at the API guides and docs and the "quick start" guides to get familiar with the APIs.


Get API keys for our PLAY environment to try out the APIs with test data.


Get API keys for our PLAYLive environment to try out the APIs with real IBANs and real money (see the guides and docs for details).