• Railsbank Webmaster

Railsbank ranked within top 50

Updated: Apr 1

Railsbank has been ranked within the top 50 of UK fintech companies according to the total amount of equity investment received to date.

The list was put together by Beauhurst, a data platform that lets users discover, track and understand high-growth companies, accelerators and funds.

Explaining the background to its list, it noted that:

“The Fintech industry is the UK’s strongest startup sector, with more than 1,600 high-growth fintech companies, 17 unicorn companies (half of the UK’s billion-dollar startups), and more venture capital investment than any other industry.

“Collectively, UK fintech companies have raised £20.8b in equity funding, with a staggering £7.65b in 2021 alone.

“As they grow and develop, these fintech startup and scaleup companies are posing a very real threat to the traditional banking and financial services industry, and catalysing innovation amongst incumbents.

Beauhurst is based in London and Nottingham.